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3 CBD Products Essential For Your Skincare

One of the most researched and buzzed about ingredients as we speak, is CBD and at the same time it is also widely misunderstood. There are so many misconceptions and myths around it and that’s why I decided to unpack and show you what CBD is really about and how it can be incorporated in your daily skincare routine.

So, what is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which can be found in the different varieties of cannabis that exist around the world. Those varieties include hemp, indica and sativa. Indica and Sativa both have a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the compound that gets you ‘high’ and therefore makes them controlled substances in the UK. However, they can be prescribed by a doctor to reduce pain or to improve daily wellbeing in particular patients. Hemp on the other hand is very low in THC and high in CBD which is what you’ll find in the wide range of our cosmeceutical products available now through our EleniLondon website.

What will CBD do for your skin?

Amongst all other benefits of CBD, the ones that stand out are:

→ Addressing the signs of ageing

→ Strong anti-inflammatory qualities

→ Providing antioxidant properties to fight free radicals.

As we know inflammation is the cause of ageing too, so inflammation and skin ageing go hand in hand. CBD with its anti-inflammatory properties has the ability to fight oxidative stress and therefore takes care of both of those concerns. Because of its very strong anti-inflammatory properties it is also great help for Acne, Acne Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and any other skin condition that needs healing. Hemp Seed Oil on its own, is very moisturising and rich in fatty acids, making it a strong ingredient but, if you’re looking for real CBD skincare, make sure you’re checking the ingredients list to find out whether your product of choice actually contains CBD and not just hemp.

In what products is it included?
You’ll most likely find products like moisturisers or serums backed with CBD as these types of formulas are able to keep its efficacy so that your skin can truly feel the benefits. The higher the amount of CBD in the cream the more expensive your product will be. However, the product will be more beneficial to your skin too!

At Eleni London we offer three CBD products that we and our wonderful clients are big fans of:

  1. The Antiaging and Anti-inflammatory High Strength CBD Cream with its unbeatable 750 mg medical grade Swiss quality CBD, provides the skin with vital hydration, niacinamide to aid the natural reduction of skin redness, eliminate acne and improve microcirculation to strengthen and support a weakened skin barrier. The combination will soothe signs of damage and stress while minimising inflammation.
  2. The CBD Massage Oil with a powerful and potent, 100% natural oil, contains a whopping 450mg of full-spectrum CBD as well as beautiful lavender essential oil and other products that will relax your body, tackle inflammation and ease muscle pain. It can also be used as a body oil, or as a bath oil for relaxation, body pains and aches and its excellent to tackle anxiety!
  3. CBD Body Butter This is our most luxuriant and protective and healing moisturising body cream that its everyone’s favourite body product. Once you apply this to your skin you will never stop wanting it. It will leave your skin feeling smooth, desirably silky and super hydrated. This feeling will last for days and days to come… Containing 300mg of full-spectrum CBD, as well as coconut oil, it is administered topically and absorbed directly through the skin, infusing your body with its powerful antioxidant effects. Ideal to tackle stiff and painful joints with, giving instantly a soothing and relaxing sensation!


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