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Book Your Online Skin Consultation for £5 only!

Many of us have had a few challenging months with our skincare regime. Chances are, if you have maintained your skin routine and followed skincare advice (such as mine through my videos and social media posts ) you will have kept your skin in an optimum condition. However, if the lockdown has disrupted your usual routine, then it’s time to consider steps to get your skin health back to where it needs to be. My range of anti aging skincare clinically effective anti aging skincare products can help you do this. Whether it’s a cleanser, SPF50Vitamin C Serum or a moisturizer, or perhaps a combination of products, your skin will need some additional assistance to regain its previous form (and why not, even improve on it!)

And that’s where I come in as an experienced skin specialist. My clients call me their ‘skin servant’ for a reason 😉 I am here to answer to all your skin worries and concerns. You can have a Zoom consultation with me, from the comfort of your home, where I can look at the condition of your skin and give you advice on which products and treatments will improve your skin health.

For the negligible price of £5 (which will go towards any products you decide to purchase afterwards), I’m sure you’ll agree this is a price worth paying to assess your skin fitness!

Book now by clicking on the link below, or hit reply to this email if you would like to find out more. Hope to hear from you soon!




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