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Anti-Ageing Anti-Inflammatory High Strength CBD Cream

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    This Anti-Ageing Anti-Inflammatory High Strength CBD Cream contains 750MG of medical-grade CBD and comes in a 50ML tub.

    Our high-strength CBD Cream utilises active natural ingredients to rejuvenate, heal and strengthen your skin.

    CBD is an excellent antioxidant, and also a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

    CBD as an antioxidant: helps reverse the ageing process. It does this by counteracting unstable molecules called free radicals that damage the skin and body. Free radicals are incomplete, so they ‘steal’ missing parts from DNA and cells. Antioxidants provide a missing particle that free radicals can bond with, which prevents them from causing damage.

    CBD as an anti-inflammatory: prevents the signs of skin ageing. Inflammation is often caused by oxidative stress, which plays a large role in the skin ageing process. CBD does an excellent job of combatting oxidative stress, and therefore reducing inflammation in the body – with great results for the skin.

    The benefits don’t stop there – in addition to its anti-ageing properties, our high-strength CBD cream is also very effective for soothing additional skin concerns. These include acne, acne rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and hormonal acne.

    If you’d like to learn more about how CBD products can help with additional ailments (such as arthritis), read this guest blog.

    For more information about the benefits of CBD, read this blog.

    1 review for Anti-Ageing Anti-Inflammatory High Strength CBD Cream

    1. Jordan Sinclair

      Really feels like it has given my skin a bit more strength!

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