Thesera L No Needle Thread Lift

Thesera L

Thesera L no needle thread Lift is a brand new technology from Korea that melts the threads into the skin.
Thesera recently launched within the UK and we are one of the few clinics that provide this treatment! The treatment is carried out over a 5 step program completed within 80 minutes
👉no discomfort
👉no bruising
👉no swelling
It’s a relaxing treatment, yet the client will experience tightness and firmness; the results are visible immediately and following treatment the skin is also left smooth and glowing.
💥The newest generation of no needle thread lift which is completely safe, clinically proven and non invasive treatment that is taking the U.K. by storm 🌪

Benefits include:
Pore tightening
Boosts elasticity
Minimises wrinkles
Improves dermal density
Improves volume
Improvement of pigmentation
Youthful appearance

This is a fantastic breakthrough technology and a solution with results which we just love. We recommend 4 treatments as this builds up on the thread and maximises the production of collagen results, which last from 6 -12 months depending on skin type age, lifestyle etc.