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Skin Analysis With Observ

30 minutes

We highly recommend a thorough consultation where we can advise you and also go a little deeper with Observ Skin Analysis imaging to determine the right treatment plan for you, charged at just £70!

Our hi-tech Observ skin scanner allows our expert team to read the surface and sub-layers of your skin to detect conditions such as excess oil flow, plugged pores, areas of keratinized skin, areas with diminished circulation, dehydrated skin, vascular conditions, rosacea, skin irritation, areas of lipid-dry skin, milia, areas with collagen loss, sensitive and thinned skin areas, wrinkle formations, fine skin surface texture, fine line patterns, etc.

Benefits of Observ Skin Analysis for Early Detection 

Timely Intervention: Catch skin issues early, like signs of ageing or skin diseases. Based on the results we can suggest treatments quickly, preventing further damage and improving your skin health. 

Preventive Measures: Stop skin problems in their tracks! Observ Skin Analysis helps to provide tailored preventive measures, minimising the risk of bigger issues down the line.

Targeted Treatment Options: Get personalised care! At Eleni London we use Observ Skin Analysis to accurately assess your skin and recommend the most effective treatments for your specific needs.

Improved Treatment Planning: Plan for success! With Observ Skin Analysis, Eleni London creates comprehensive treatment plans that address current concerns and future needs, giving you a roadmap to optimal skin health.

Peace of Mind: Relax and take care of your skin. Regular Observ Skin Analysis made in our clinic ensures early detection and proactive steps to maintain healthy skin, giving you peace of mind.

Remember, early detection is key! Use Observ Skin Analysis with Eleni London to stay ahead in your skincare routine and keep your skin beautiful and healthy for years to come!

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