Skin Analysis With Observ

30 minutes

We highly recommend a thorough consultation where we can advise you and also go a little deeper with Observ Skin Analysis imaging to determine the right treatment plan for you, FREE of charge with no obligation!

Our hi-tech Observ skin scanner allows our expert team to read the surface and sub-layers of your skin to detect conditions such as:

• Excess oil flow
• Plugged pores
• Areas of keratinized skin
• Areas with diminished circulation
• Dehydrated skin
• Vascular conditions
• Rosacea
• Skin irritation Areas of lipid-dry skin
• Milia
• Areas with collagen loss
• Sensitive and thinned skin areas
• Wrinkle formations
• Fine skin surface texture
• Fine line patterns

With a detailed breakdown of areas of concern, a specially tailored treatment and home care plan will be created to address any concerns and create your best possible complexion.

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