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Celluma LED Light Therapy

Celluma LED Light Therapy is an effective and natural way to generate more collagen in your body.

It uses red and near-infrared wavelengths to safely fight the signs of ageing, improving your body’s ability to create collagen and elastin.

What is Celluma LED Light Therapy?

Originally developed by NASA, low-level light therapy is also known as photobiostimulation. It works in a similar way to plant photosynthesis.

It can treat a wide range of concerns. It does not just fight the signs of ageing, it can also be highly beneficial for skin, muscle, joint and pain conditions.

How does Celluma LED Light Therapy work?

Celluma LED Light Therapy uses 3 wavelengths – blue, red, and infrared – in a safe, UV-free way to treat skin conditions.

Blue light – kills the bacteria that causes acne. Also decreases inflammation and boosts circulation. Results in clearer skin.

Red light – Improves elastin and collagen production via photo-biostimulation of fibroblasts. Results in skin with an improved tone, quality and texture. Leads to an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Near-infrared – speeds up the skin’s natural repair and cell renewal processes. Also decreases inflammation.

How long will it take to see results?

You may see improvements in your skin after just one session, but it takes two sessions for most people to notice results. This is because this treatment stimulates your body’s natural recovery abilities.

Where can I have this treatment, and is there any downtime?

This treatment can be done on any part of your body. You will not feel anything on your skin while you are receiving this treatment.

You can go back to wearing makeup immediately. This is a great ‘lunch hour’ procedure with no downtime.

Treatment Options and Price List

Treatment Summary


Treatment time:

15-30 mins.

Recovery time:

No downtime.