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Elaine Brennan GetGlowing Micro-Peel

The Elaine Brennan GetGlowing Micro-Peel is a fabulous treatment with minimal downtime. It was designed to refine the texture of your skin and fix damage caused by skin conditions and environmental factors. It improves your skin tone and texture, smooths over fine lines and leaves you looking youthful and radiant.

The Elaine Brennan GetGlowing Micro-Peel lightly exfoliates your skin, leaving your complexion feeling soft and revitalised. This highly effective treatment stimulates internal renewal of your skin as well as exfoliating external dead skin cells.

What’s the difference between the Elaine Brennan GetGlowing Micro Peel and the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel?

While the GetGlowing Micro Peel was also developed by Elaine Brennan, they are not the same treatment. GetGlowing was developed for those who love the results of the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel but can’t afford the downtime. In addition, GetGlowing is less costly than the original Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel. It’s a more accessible option – with equally amazing results.

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What results will I see after this peel?

UV rays from the sun, environmeGetGlowing Micro Peel Elaine Brennanntal pollutants, and skin conditions such as acne all damage the texture of the skin. The Elaine Brennan GetGlowing Micro-Peel has been designed to undo the signs of damage, as well as improve the tone and texture of the skin.

With each Micro-Peel treatment, you will see further improvements to the skin’s overall appearance.

Active Ingredients:
Resorcinol – Breaks down rough or hardened skin to reveal the smooth, even skin beneath.
Kojic Acid – An antioxidant with skin-lightening abilities, to give you that gorgeous glow.
Salicylic Acid – An exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties. Also encourages collagen production.

Is there any downtime?

After your treatment, your skin will begin a renewal process that can take around a week. You may experience peeling, but this will depend on your skin type. If you do experience peeling, it will begin on day 4 or 5 and last for around 3 days.

How many treatments should I have?

You will see results after the first treatment, and further improvements with every treatment after that. For best results, we recommend a course of six treatments. Depending on your skin type, you should allow 2-6 weeks between treatment sessions.

Treatment Summary


Treatment time:

60 mins.

Recovery time:

Little to no downtime.