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Pressotherapy is a form of body contouring. It uses an air pressure machine and an inflatable suit to rhythmically massage the arms, legs or abdomen. By applying air pressure to parts of the body, it encourages lymphatic drainage. This has both beauty and health benefits.

What is pressotherapy used for?

Pressotherapy can work well for weight loss when combined with a good diet and exercise. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite by draining toxins, fats and liquids from your body. It can also reduce water retention if you find that your legs are swelling, or you are experiencing bloating. This will make your limbs look slimmer and more defined.

Pressotherapy can promote circulation, ease aches and pains, and detoxify your body. It strengthens your immune system and can even be used to improve digestive problems. After your treatment, your muscles will feel more relaxed and your joints more flexible. You may even feel energised.

What are some benefits of pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy works by stimulating your lymphatic system. Lymph contains your all-important white blood cells, which help fight infection. 

  • Relaxed, ache-free muscles
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Reduced stiffness and swelling in limbs
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • Skin that appears firm and toned
  • Stronger immune system

Who can have pressotherapy?

Most people are good candidates for pressotherapy. However, there are some exceptions.
Your practitioner will be able to tell you whether this treatment is right for you. Click here to book your consultation.

What is the process like?

  1. You will be brought to a pressotherapy chair or bed. There is no need to remove your clothes.
  2. Your practitioner will assist you with getting into the suit. It may be wrapped around your legs, your abdomen, your arms or all three.
  3. The suit has tubes that are connected to an air pressure machine. As it inflates with air, you will feel a squeezing sensation. This should not be painful.
  4. Your session will last around 30 to 45 minutes. Your body may feel lighter afterwards.

Treatment Summary



Treatment time:

30-45 mins.

Recovery time:

No downtime.

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