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Eleni London At Home: The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial

If you live too far away to visit our skin clinic in South West London, or you don’t have the time to come and get a facial in Clapham Junction, there is no need to worry. You can still get that luxurious Eleni London experience and expert care for your skin – all from the comfort of your own home!

This anti-ageing facial has been specifically designed to increase dermal thickness, detoxify your skin and absorb damaging free radicals. It will minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce dull lacklustre skin. After this facial, your skin will appear youthful, radiant and glowing.

This is our signature anti-ageing facial, which uses only high-strength clinically proven products developed for our Northcote Road skin clinic. All of the products used in this facial are not tested on animals. In addition, they are paraben-free and sustainably produced right here in the United Kingdom.

Print out this one-pager for quick and convenient access: Eleni-Anti Ageing Facial.


1. Double cleanse your skin with Cleanse: Daily Glycolic Cleanser.

The concept behind double cleansing is to ensure that all of the dirt, makeup and excess oil on the skin is completely removed before adding more products. The first cleanse helps to break down any makeup or other debris on the skin, and the second cleanse thoroughly washes it away.

Our Daily Glycolic Cleanser contains, natural, clinically proven AHAs and BHAs – glycolic, citric, and salicylic acid. These work together to remove impurities such as dead skin cells and excess oil on the face. It also increases cell turnover to reveal younger-looking skin.

2. Apply Exfoliate: Microexfoliator.

Immediately after cleansing, massage into the skin using light, circular movements for 2 to 3 minutes. If necessary, add more water to reactivate. Rinse with tepid water and pat the skin dry.

This mechanical and organic exfoliator contains glycolic acid, vitamin E and quartz. It will refine and unclog pores, balance oil production in your skin and leave you with a younger, smoother and fresher appearance.

3. Apply 4D Replenishing Serum.

Next, apply a few drops of 4D Replenishing Serum. Massage until absorbed into your skin and watch your skin become plump and youthful.

This is one of our latest products, which has been developed with “shape-shifting” technology. This means it can work on a cellular level to restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It will work for the next 72 hours providing hydration to your skin and increasing its luminosity.

4. Apply  Barrier Repair.

Next, massage a small amount of Barrier Repair into your skin to leave it velvet smooth, hydrated and firm.

Silky smooth and luxurious, this moisturiser contains peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis and growth factors for more youthful skin. It’s boosted by vitamins C and B, as well as hydrating tara seed extract.

5. Apply Lift: Neck & Décolletage Firming Cream.

Apply Lift to the neck and décolletage, massaging into the skin until fully absorbed.

This is a clinically effective anti-ageing treatment that you can apply at home, any time that suits you. Containing peptides, emollients and antioxidants to reduce signs of ageing, this firming cream will leave your skin looking lifted and more evenly toned.

6. Apply Refine: Intensive Eye Serum.

Apply 1 pump below each eye and massage around the eye area – paying extra attention to the “eye bags” and crow’s feet – to see immediate improvements to dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles.

Refine uses a unique combination of vitamin E, almond oil and lactic acid to rejuvenate and repair the signs of ageing in the eye area. It will diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, as well as improve the clarity and tone of your skin.

7. Apply Protect SPF 50: Daily Tinted Broad Spectrum Sun Protection.

Apply 2-3 pumps of SPF 50 to your entire face and massage.

Our SPF is more than just a sunscreen – it also contains clinically proven AHAs to increase cell turnover. It contains a combination of clinically proven filters to give your skin maximum protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Light, easily absorbed, and moisturising too, it also contains a natural tint to give your skin that healthy glow.


And you are all finished! You are now free to go about your day, enjoying your soft and radiant skin.

For that extra luxurious feeling, visit our skin health clinic for a facial in Clapham. We offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments to revitalise and brighten tired skin.

Would you prefer to come see us in person for a facial in Clapham? Click here to view our list of services and book your treatment.


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