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CBD Restore


Get ready to meet a rich, game-changing cream that’s all about making your skin shout “Thank you!” This powerhouse contains niacinamide, CBD, vitamin C, and retinol – the A-team of skincare ingredients! They’re here to work wonders on those pesky signs of uneven skin tone and annoying blemishes, while boosting your skin’s renewal like it’s on a mission. This CBD cream isn’t just any ol’ moisturiser; it’s like a feast of nutrients for your skin, leaving it nourished, moisturised, and seriously glowing.

Who needs a time machine when you’ve got this cream in your life? Embrace the youthfulness and healthiness it brings to your skin, and get ready to dazzle the world with your radiant, happy face! It’s time to make this cream your skin’s new BFF, and remember – looking fabulous has never been this fun!


    This Eleni London CBD Restore is a rich cream containing niacinamide, CBD, vitamin C and retinol. Shown to reduce the signs of uneven skin tone, blemishes and boosts skin renewal. It nourishes the skin with nutrients and provides intense moisturisation leaving the skin looking healthy and youthful.


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