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CBD Lavender De-Stress Lotion


Introducing the new perfect partner for de-stressing, hydrating and comforting yourself and your skin. 

This luxurious night-time lotion works wonders on your skin, hydrating and increasing it’s immunity while you sleep! Wake up feeling fresh, hydrated and soft ready for the day ahead.


    Combining the amazing benefits of CBD with the comforting and relaxing scent of Lavender, it's the perfect lotion to help you wind down after a long, busy day. Not only helping with hydration of the skin, but also inflammation, irritation and general skin immunity, it's one of our most popular products for those who live a busy and stressful life. If this sounds like you, you'll really notice the difference!

    We truly believe that combining lavender with a generous 1% CBD form the perfect partnership to maximise all the benefits of the CBD in this amazing lotion. Although it is excellent for night time use, you can use this product at any time of the day. The beautiful shuttle aroma of lavender helps to relieve anxiety, feelings of stress and even ease headaches!

    Size: 30ml

    CBD Content: 300mg


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